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Q. Who will send me cookies?

A. © Google, © Microsoft, and almost all of the travel suppliers featured on our web-site will send you cookies when you click to connect to their pages.

Third Party Cookies are set by travel companies, marketing affiliates and other information providors linked from our web-site and are used to assist you when searching for information and navigating pages on their web-sites.

Q. What are Cookies?

A. Cookies are small snippets of computer code which are sent to you by the web-site you are viewing to enable you to access the live price feeds, special offers and destination videos on your PC, laptop, notepad, android or iphone.

Cookie Q & A's

Q. Why use Cookies?

A. Cookies make your web experience fun and rewarding and enable you to access feature rich content which we consider important when choosing and booking a holiday.

Q. Can Cookies contain viruses?

A. No.

Q. What about own my personal data?

A. We do not collect your personal details (names, addresses, etc ), when you visit our site, unless you explicitly volunteer this information to us by e.mail or phone.

Did you know ?

Most web-sites, especially travel related web-sites, will not work unless cookies are enabled.

If you do not want to receive cookies when viewing pages you can disable them in your own web-browser.

Q. How do I get rid of cookies?

A. This is very easy to do. Just visit the excellent website.

See also our privacy policy and terms and conditions.